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Simply put, tiptop is   'Uber for Wellness Services'

We connect you with traditional and alternative health and wellness practitioners, teachers, therapists and coaches - or 'tiptop Angels' as we call them.

Discover and book their Services & Events - quickly, easily and on-demand. Whether you're looking for massages, yoga, reflexology or personal training for you and your friends; or a group class, retreat, activity or masterclass you can all attend together - with tiptop you'll be able to find it and book it in minutes. All in one place - all in one app.

can be delivered either remotely via video call, or in person at your home, hotel or villa; and Events are delivered at specific locations near you - from salons, studios and spas, to parks, forests and beaches.

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Are you an Angel?

Find out what it takes to be a tiptop Angel. Apply today to join us and make an even greater impact on our world

Wellness is...

The active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health

Global Wellness Institute

Wellbeing is...

A perception of being associated with a feeling of satisfaction and sense of fulfilment

Global Wellness Institute

At tiptop, we believe wellness  involves:

  • Embarking on activities that challenge us to keep us curious, dynamic and younger for longer so we can consistently contribute more to our world
  • Meeting people who can teach us new approaches to thinking, living and being so we can broaden our horizons, and dwell more in possibility
  • Exploring ourselves more deeply so we can come to know ourselves more completely and guide ourselves through life more effectively
  • Elevating self-care to a daily priority to consistently find ways to ascribe more value to who we are and the contributions we can make to our world
  • Empowering all areas of our life consistently, so we can face every day with more energy, more enthusiasm and more grit
  • And ultimately
  • Connecting more deeply with ourselves, so we can connect more deeply with others, and with the world we live in

The currency of wellness is connection

Dr. John W. Travis MD

Leading advocate of healthy living
and original proponent of the term “Wellness”

Connect with others, to connect with yourself

And the more you connect with yourself, the more you'll be able to connect with others.
We are here to help make your journey to wellbeing more real, more human and more connected

Our Services

With tiptop you'll be able to meet practitioners dedicated to offering wellness services that enrich your mind, your body and your spirit.

Wellness, as we see it, comes in many forms. How we eat, exercise, look, think, sleep, learn and feel about ourselves all contribute to our overall sense of wellbeing.

With tiptop you'll be able to discover & book:

Better Health

Medical Doctors & Specialists, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy,  Acupuncture, Opticians, Pedeatricians, Dentists and more...

Better Fitness

Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Personal training, Cycling and E-biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Spinning, Running, Weight training and more...

Better Appearance

Stylists, Beauticians, Barbers, Blow Drys, Manicures, Pedicures, Makeup, Brazilians, Threading, Botox, Facials, Masks and Wraps and more...

Better Nutrition

Weight Loss Consulting, Private Chefs, Detox Diets, Juice Cleanses, Personalised Meal Plans, Vitamin and Mineral supplementation and more...

Better Sleep

Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Breathing and Relaxation, Chi Nei Tsang, Watsu and more...

Better Mindfullness

Kundalini Activation, Meditation, Breathwork, Guided Imagery, Energetic Cleansing, Chakra Therapy, Life and Relationship Coaching and more...

Coming soon!

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